World’s Biggest Flowers

World's Biggest Flowers 7

World’s Biggest Flowers

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  1. Stewart McPherson is the man. His book ‘Britain’s Treasure Islands’ is absolutely fantastic. I was lucky enough to see the first flower Rafflesia arnoldii in bloom in the wild near Bukkitinggi seven years ago. Once in a lifetime experience probably, could never have happened without the amazing guide my friend and I met in a random market. We didn’t seek the flower, but our guide had discovered a patch of the plants when he was a young kid and likes to check if they’re in bloom when he’s in the area we were backpacking. We saw all three stages of the flower in that patch, and indeed smells bad in bloom. Petals were thick and meaty like a pork chop

  2. Is this a Botany show? British TV has such interesting documentaries. I mean, I didn’t even see a single scruffy woodsman yelling about nothing, which is what passes for educational content here in America.

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