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Written by hugo santos


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  1. You should have at least showed it to flash for a second which would have been more believable as you discharged.. If you are making a fake at least do an attempt to make it believable..

  2. Not to be that guy, but it’s a trick bulb. Had one as a kid. Touch a penny to the metal on the bottom and it lights up.

    Edit: after looking through the comments it looks like everyone is calling shenanigans

  3. I’ve done something similar with a fluorescent tube. It looks nothing like this and it hurts.

    1) Build up charge
    2) Touch the contacts on one side of the bulb
    3) Make connection with ground on the other side contact
    4) Exchange some pain for a momentary flash of the bulb
    5) Talk about it on reddit

  4. So that would be “completing the circuit” with a buncha free electrons on your hands…thing is you still need a voltage to drive the current and there’s no reason to believe one guy has a higher electric potential than the other. One of many problems with this, so fake.

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