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  1. I hear that people go to Turkey to get their hair transplants. Supposedly the airports are full of guys with gauze on their heads lol

  2. For those who want to know the basics. The most Turkish people “especially the well educated ones” want to leave Turkey because of money, taxes and corrupted/religion based governing system. Even the old generation who is/was proud of his country tell their children to get out of this country. In the other side Turkey is a wonderful and cheerful country. It’s like what the most europeans see the country. It’s a vacation center. Otherwise it’s not worth living here. For example: A iPhone 12 128gb model costs 11.100TL while the the minimum wage is 3.577TL. Yeah, thats why everyone is trying to escape this country.

  3. Buy up cheap shirts in Istanbul and sell them for lower-middle class and poor in midwestern Ukraine. That’s how we earn a living)

  4. Yeah, but get some of that Hazer Baba lemon tea drink stuff before you go. 8 years ago my mom brought some home from a layover and it’s the best. There’s a local shop that has their other products, but the lemon just hasn’t made it here yet.

    Maybe there’s a better brand, but we don’t get that one either.

  5. My family drop by Turkey every few years. It’s lovely country, lots of amazing food, but shitty government.

    If you’re ok with this, it’s pretty amazing to check out and explore. If you’re a foody person like me, it has amazing food.

    My wife is dropping by Turkey this summer to find a manufacturer to make her cloths. As her customers love Turkish made stuff.

  6. Why? I don’t get it.

    UPDATE: Bruh why did I get so many downvotes when I said “can’t be that bad” ?
    I don’t know anything about turkey, so I simply asked. 😟

  7. I just read a news article about their #1 cryptomarket founder leaving the country with 2billion $ of investor money 🤣😭

  8. “Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks!”

    It’s been prime real estate for thousands of years.

  9. the combination of corrupt culture and erdoganism has driven them close to financial and social bankrupcy. Great to visit even greater to leave.

  10. I don’t get it?
    Eedogen is a moron but like Trump most Turkish people hate the guy. Turkey has some damn good food and the nicest people as well.

    Hopefully they can dump him soon like we did Trump.

    But if this is about the Armenian thing, it’s not like America has any moral high ground here. Currently keeping thousands of children separated from their parents. And frankly our past is just as damming. Genocide against the Indians, killing 1 out 6 civilians in the phillipines in their war for indplependance from us….

  11. Idiotic statement, I have been there for 10 days and it is amazing place with great people. I defintely recommend!

  12. This is really stupid. Turkey is an amazing and lovely and HUGE country with so much history and so much to do. And, Istanbul in particular HATES Erdogan. This is like being a non-American and saying New York or California is worthless just because you hate Trump.

  13. Was connecting through Istanbul recently, and as you approach to land, it seems like a beautiful, stunning place.

  14. I really enjoyed my time there, despite getting hit by a car. That was just at the beginning of the erdogan stuff, though.

  15. I had a friend spend 6 weeks traveling there last year. The pictures of the country, its food, people and culture she shared were amazing. Never could have imagined how nice it appears.

  16. Turkey’s people and culture is wonderful, this post is not Funny. The political situation is shit and the government is shit but so was the US’s 1 year ago.

    Don’t condemn an entire country and it’s people out of ignorance!

  17. Well… it’s not quite that bad. But still funny. I would sub in Buffalo NY, not quite the end of the world but if you stand on a chair you can see it.

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Whenever I try replaying my old NES games

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