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  1. Sorry OP, that’s not Hideo. That’s his clone, Liquid Kojima. Liquid got fired from Konami. It turns out Hideo never worked there.

  2. My company I used to work for in 2018 was recently shut down and put under new management when the FBI discovered that they were funneling money into their rich side project, aka where I worked, from bounced checks they sent in through their nursing home (which was also a scam).

    The total amount of money stolen over 10 years was like $60 million dollars. Needless to say most of that family are most definitely in jail now.

  3. He didn’t deserve what Konami did to him but it does get tiring the endless praise this man gets when half his games are failed experiments. Not arguing his brilliance but he needs a strong team who can balance out his ideas and direction to make sure the end product is still enjoyable for the fans.

  4. I had a fun moment walking by the office before starting my rounds and hearing the area manager’s voice inside. Something like,

    “No, I get it why we let him do part-time, but *why the hell is our best salesman a part-timer???*”


    “*What do you mean you gave the promotion to someone else???????*”

    I just kept walking, but in a great mood.

  5. Noone wants to say that alot of Konami’s problems stem from Kojima tanking Castlevania by green-lighting Lords of Shadows, and going massively over budget on MGS 5 and running the company as a CEO when he was only the VP? You can argue about how they fired him being the wrong way to do it, but why he got fired isn’t any surprise.

  6. Starts? My assumption was that they’d been fucking up royally for years well before MGS5 dropped.

    Did they do something recently?

  7. When you double down on the gambling industry in Japan taking off for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and then there is no 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    Konami shareholders must be really, REALLY happy right about now. I’m sure the current president who, IIRC, was installed through nepotism in 2015, is really proud of his achievements and is fulfilling his fiduciary responsibility admirably, burning the slow dollar for the fast dime that turned out to be a penny.

  8. I gotta say, Hideo was not exactly innocent. It is said that he was male deva and that his second in command was the one who really did all the work and kept the team together.

  9. I will never forgive Konami for remastering all the cutscenes from Snake Eater and then wasting them on a pachinko machine

  10. It probably wasn’t because you were the glue that was holding it together, it’s because they’re a shit company.

  11. A company that fired me about 18 months ago has gone into administration.

    I now have a job I much prefer and earn about £6k a year more. So, thank you [Redacted] for forcing me to improve my CV and take a chance.

  12. Konami was already transitioning to an all-pachinko business model when they got rid of Kojima. They’re doing fine in terms of what they actually intend on doing, they’re just doing nothing for games anymore.

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