You must be single [OC]

You must be single [OC] 6

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You must be single [OC]

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  1. Dude… just come up with your own cartoon drawing style. It cants be THAT hard to draw people with square heads, BAM fixed.

  2. I think it’s a testament to Catana Comics that so many people see a blatantly ripped off style of hers yet still get the feeling it’s not her before they even check.

  3. The laziness of this artist to simply steal a joke, draw a fee uninspired panels, and then pass it off as their own

  4. It would be funnier without the pointless self censorship. If you are going to use the fucking word “fucking,” then just fucking use it. Otherwise choose a different word.

  5. I thought this was Catana at first, though I’m very glad it isn’t because I know she wouldn’t make this kind of shit. Her comics are much too wholesome.

  6. Great joke … but you missed the telling, delivery was off just a bit …

    it starts good… but the cashier should never mention the items by name… they look at the items, look at the customer, and make the inferred observation, stating “hey, I bet you’re single!” and the customer (which should be opposite sex for maximum cringe effect), blushes a bit and smiles, saying “I guess all my single serving items give it away!” to wit the cashier replies: “nah, you’re fuckin’ ugly.”

  7. I’m sorry people called you ugly, it must be hard to incorporate personal experiences into your work.

  8. Redditors: You must be poor.

    beigekart: Wow, how did you know that?

    Redditors: Because your cartoon is lame. Besides, milk isn’t clear.

  9. Normally I like the comics here.

    Emphasis on *normally*.

    Not only are you ripping off Catana, one of the best wholesome webcomics I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. But you’re not even funny while you do it.

    If it weren’t so awful I’d almost be impressed.

  10. Not only is it a stolen joke, but in this context you would be penalized for saying that dumb shit in the position. ”


    Boss: Yeah I just heard that from the backroom and uh yeah you’re fuckin fired get the hell out of here. So sorry, sir, this guy clearly has never held a job in his life.


  11. I wouldn’t be so upset about all the 4 panel comics being posted in r/funny if they were only funny…

    Toss another on the block pile!

  12. Bought 2 bottles of wine rather than 1 today to make them think I’m not gonna drink it alone… Still gonna drink it alone :/

  13. It is meaningless for me argue on the internet, but I feel I should add my thoughts in this conversation where I’m being demonised:
    1. Firstly, and I do mean this sincerely, I did not intend to offend fans of Catana Comics. I absolutely love her work, I have the books she wrote and demeaning her is definitely not the point.
    2. I will explain why this is not exactly ‘stealing her style’ in a sec, but nevertheless worth mentioning.. I don’t intend to draw more in this style.
    3. Now, style is not owned by anyone. It is similar, no doubt. But given I drew this from scratch and not tracing, I know it’s not copying her work. In fact I remember there are videos where she teaches how to draw her comics, I wonder why they would exist?
    4. Given I did the composition, planned how to deliver a joke it is by definition original content. One way to think about it is – if you write a sentence, is it automatically the content of the person who created english? Medium and content are distinct things. Even sentences can be the same across books, the context adds even more variance.

    All that being said, I do appreciate the feedback and sentiment expressed. Like I mentioned, don’t intend to repeat my noob mistake.

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