You want the ball? Come and get it

You want the ball? Come and get it 7

You want the ball? Come and get it 8

You want the ball? Come and get it

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  1. A friend was out in the garden with their corgi. Big ginger tom walks past, and the dog sees him through the open garden gate. He tears off down the path towards the cat, barking furiously at this cat that dared to get near his property. Cat just runs his head towards the dog and gives him the same look as this cat. Corgi screeches to a halt. Cat holds his stare for a moment, then strolls away.

  2. WOW that face is menacing. I think the only thing that would have made it more so is if kitty was clacking its claws on the floor as well.

    EDIT: Spelling (damn thumbs)

  3. Ears pinned back, narrow eyed stare…… That dog better not get closer, or there will be severe consequences.

  4. That is a Maine coon cat right? Yeah don’t mess with that shit. Those claws are actual daggers, and the cat is crazy strong. First and last time I tried to shower my Maine coon…..

  5. That dog is thinking about stealing the ball.

    Meanwhile the cat has already simulated every possible outcome, selected an attack vector and planned the disposal of the corpse.

  6. This is basically Batman vs Superman. One has the power to absolutely destroy the other, but won’t. Alfred forgot to pack some fucks in the utility belt again, but you could catch these hands.

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