YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn’t anyone else? – Tom Scott

YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else? - Tom Scott 7

YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn’t anyone else? – Tom Scott

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  1. Reddit is littered with “ads in disguise”. They don’t disclose it typically but it’s usually pretty obvious. Hail corporate!

  2. I don’t ever want to see this rule relaxed, though the double standard exists. Everyone should have to publish a list of all sponsorships.

    The machinima respawn controversy was some morally repugnant shit.

  3. As for journalists being loaned cars for review

    I wonder if there’s an automotive version of Michelin restaurant reviews *(…would be rather ironic if there wasn’t)* where the critics are anonymous and just rent cars to review under the guise of being normal customers

  4. He has a point though. Why can’t US and UK regulatory bodies figure that out, but Germany can? Here, every TV show produced in Germany that features some kind of endorsement, and even if it just that you can win this or that car, has to have a visible disclaimer for at least 10 seconds (I think, but I might be wrong here) after every ad break.

  5. I watch a lot of podcasts and youtubers that try to incorporate their comedy or whatever into the ad reads. It’s pretty clearly playing into the idea that they really do like the product or they aren’t being told as much what to say. Also it gets people to not skip through them if they can. It’s a little odd but it does work on me since I often watch them to see what fun thing they will do.

  6. Ads are getting seriously bad on Youtube, i’ve started to not watch channels that have legitimately good content because i know i’ll get bombarded by ads during the video.

    I had a video yesterday try to ‘ad break’ me 4 times in 10 minutes, so i closed youtube. when did it get this bad? People wanting more money will ruin it for good, same as most things.

  7. You know what I’m seeing on YouTube of late?

    I’m getting a shit ton of 15-30sec videos for recommendation. Random “comedy”, video clips (mostly Family Guy shit which I’ve never searched before, and just stuff that doesn’t make much sense.

    Seems like the algorithm is favoring people stealing content for huge views (cause these suckers have 300K or more views every time I see the thumbnails). Very strange.

  8. I googled that Pitbull song where he mentions Kodak; it came out in 2011, when Kodak was undergoing *bankruptcy* proceedings.

    Yeah maybe the BBC had good reason to believe that Mr. Worldwide wasn’t paid to plug the brand

  9. This made me think about how stupid copyright laws and DMCA stuff has gotten.

    It’s meant to protect you so that if you’re a musician, writer, etc someone else can’t just copy your work and profit off of it, and that’s fine. Creators need protections like that.

    Instead what we have is this awful predatory system where if a streamer hums three seconds of a song tune their channel gets a strike or gets removed. Playing a video game you have legal permissions to play in a stream? Better fucking hope the game doesn’t have any kind of radio in it that can play a song on your stream or your channel is toast. Did you just write your own original song? Oh, but you used those three music notes in a row and the Rolling Stones used those three notes in a row in a five second segment in a song they wrote 78 years ago, sorry but all your money now belongs to them.

  10. An interesting topic, but the video was just too long. I don’t have time to to watch such a long video, or even to read books. That’s why I use Audible™. Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service that allows users to purchase and stream audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content. It’s easy and convenient and fits right into my busy schedule.

  11. JerryRigEverything almost never informs people his videos are adverts at all. I confronted him on YouTube (in the comments) about it. He blocked me from his page. Classy. The guy is a huge shit.

    EDIT: Sorry, I should have been more clear. I’m not talking about his phone videos, but he will have every now and then (at least back when I used to sub to him) a video presentation on a product. Like a TV or a Home Surveillance system etc, these are all very blaintant adverts or payed videos, and he never states it.

  12. My chrome plugins; uBlock to get rid of pre-video ads, and Sponsorblock to get rid of sponsored ads within videos, while using Tampermonkey to counter malicious scripts and a VPN to change location from blocked sites or country restrictions… While I use Privatefirewall 7.0 to keep track of and limit what programs try to access the internet.

    Its not my responsibility to support a broken ad based revenue system made to favor large corporations. and [savethevideo]( is a free to use site when you want to freely download youtube and other sites vids

  13. Reminds me of how Tesla refused to let Top Gear review their cars after Jeremy Clarkson sad some bad things about the first car they made.

  14. Slight problem with simply requiring a pre- or post-roll disclaimer for product placement and advertising… *Everything* on screen would have that disclaimer. It’d become like California’s cancer warning within 15 minutes – background noise that no one notices.

    Anything short of a popup on screen *during* the ad is a waste of effort, since it simply won’t be noticed, or if it will, it won’t be connected to the actual ad itself. A movie is 90 minutes long at the very least, who’d connect a disclaimer at minute 0 with the appearance of a Coke can at minute 78?

    By the way, fun fact: every brand you’ve ever seen in a Hollywood movie is paying for that product placement. If they don’t play, the studio blurs it, hides it, cuts it out, whatever, to the extent that I’ve seen the massive, dinner plate sized Mercedes logo on the front of a car masked off because, well, Merc probably didn’t want to pay. No free advertising means more ad money. For example, Red Apple Cigarettes and Oceanic Airlines, both fictional brands for when a brand *has* to be shown but no one wanted to pay.

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